How to apply for Australian Citizenship

We’ve made it simple to explain to you how to apply for Australian citizenship. In our 5 step process, you will create your Australian citizenship application in just a matter of hours with our expert guidance every step of the way. Let us show your how this works.

Follow the below steps for how to apply for Australian Citizenship

You must be eligible for Australian citizenship before you begin your application.

Find out eligibility

  • After your eligibility is confirmed, you will pay for the Basic or Premium package, then continue with preparation of your citizenship application.
  • The citizenship application requires a series of information from you to legally determine your eligibility and suitability. Our lawyers have prepared notes to make sure you understand every part of the form, and can provide everything correctly.
  • Once this process is finished you will get your completed form 1300T and a checklist of required supporting documents tailored to your case.
  • As per our lodgement instructions, you will sign your form, supporting documents, and pay the Australian Government charges for your citizenship application and add your receipt of payment to your file.
  • You will post your completed application and supporting documents by registered mail to the designated office of the Department of Home Affairs.
  • Then you can relax as you wait to hear back from the Australian Government. With our process, you know you won’t have missed any information or supporting documents.

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